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Wrongway08 on Github!!

Looks like fun. I was the last to find out but hey? What am I? A programmer? Nope.. I’m just a nobody who isn’t blessed with the

“Skills” (hint hit) to beguiling withoeoples emotion n JavaScript or to CSS an already depressed motherfucker to tears!! That takes some fucking fortitude!! Have at it. I ain’t shit anyway.. so as long as someone gets enjoyment from seeing me feel as bad as i do, then my muh fucking life will have fulfilled its destiny!

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The fool…i wrote this in the middle of the worst years of my life..I have been working hard to keep them that way..

The last thing on his mind before sleep forced itself upon him. He sees them marching on happily, with big brilliant, beautiful smiles on their faces. Accepting and taking on every challenge with passion and vigor rivaled only by their youthful energy. As they should be.
They used to look back at him holding an arm backwards grasping for his hand as if saying “hurry up daddy, we’re gonna miss it if you don’t hurry.” For a while, they pulled him along. He tried so hard to keep up.
But alas, his poor physical,and mental health were a detriment and they were forced to release his hand and keep moving without him. He remembers the last fleeting touch from both of them. They continued to look back at him, often at first, now not at all. He thinks he can hear them from time to time, But he can’t tell if they are cries for help, fear or pain. Or if they are simply laughing at the fool on the hill, which his where he remains alone, afraid, and unhappy.
Another tear is released, as it trickles down past his swollen, once vibrant, brown eyes, he takes no mind of it. His attention is supremely focused on the bend in road where he lost site of them.
Maybe they will realize he’s not behind them,and just maybe, one or both will turn around, place thier journey on hold for a bit. Walk back and give the old man a lift and a drink for due to his tears his lips are chapped from dehydration , his skin is burnt and dry from exposure, for when and where they left him, the landscape was barren with no trees to cast a comforting shadow or river to quench his mighty thirst.
“I am truly alone.” He mutters to himself, his statement punctuated by an involuntary whimper and another yet seemingly larger tear. He places his head down resigns himself , to his fate , and mumbles a solemn prayer for someone to please protect them as he has failed to do

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When the ONLY Option is realizing you made a POOR OPTION CHOICE!


  • As the pictures so eloquently point out, I have made several key mistakes here, let me explain:
    1. I placed over 75% of my portfolio in the OPTIONS CHAIN! (Diversify, Diversify Diversify!!) This has led to a DRAMATIC LOSS (in terms of my total portfolio).
      I was somewhat successful on 1 options contract expiry 8/10 and instead of moving on to a different stock, I quadrupled down and didn’t cover myself AT ALL WITH A SPREAD. VERY BAD EMOTIONAL TRADE
      I didn’t know enough about the GREEKS!! (KNOW YOUR GREEKS!! PLEASE!)
      I didn’t set a stop-loss to control how much money I would lose!! (Use LIMIT SELLS!)
      My confidence has taken a greedy kick to the 🎈🎈!! (A visual metaphor and YES THEY ARE RED!!)
      AS IT TAKES MONEY TO MAKE MONEY, I am basically starting back from square one. (Exercise Patience!!)

    All the things I mentioned have put me in the unfortunate position of having to close out these contracts basically worthless.. please don’t be like #Bobdangit!! Set STRICT LIMITS!! USE LIMIT BUY/SELLS TO CONTROL LOSSES AND TARGET PROFIT TAKING!

    I would say I’m ashamed, but I am not. I am a lifelong learner who is determined not to let a few mis-steps run me. Time to start over, a lot more knowledgeable and a lot poorer! I will get there, so will you! SOONER THAN LATER!!

    Please give me a comment, like or just laugh at my stupidity! Better yet, a hearty 😂😂, and I COULD OF TOLD YOU NOT TO DO THAT!! Lol. Also, I need a job, so I can earn more money to get back where I need to be! DM me at if you have any leads! Or want my BTC/STELLAR WALLET ADDRESS!!! Lol, kidding about the wallet. I’m not doing this to make money for nothing!

    Have a blessed day, good luck and remember

    Do What You Love, Everyday!!


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    The girls that make my world go around!!

    I haven’t mentioned them nearly enough. However, it is not an understatement to say that the love of these two gorgeous ladies is the reason I am still among the living.

    They are my two daughters and they shower this old guy with more love than I can handle. If you have kids, they truly are your greatest creations. The gift that keeps on giving and without them, I would surely be lost.