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Random whosits.

1542812006 MetaTrader 5 build 1781.2, model: iPhone9,2, os: 12.1, free: 6128.70 mb, id: 892779699, timeoff: -21600, timeerr: 0.14 sec

08:53:26 MetaTrader 5 build 1781 (64-bit) rev.2 started on iPhone9,2 (arm64)

08:53:26 whitelabel synchronization started

08:53:26 whitelabel updating from

08:53:26 ‘501141’: connected to Larson-Real through Access Server

08:53:26 whitelabel: updating all servers

08:53:26 whitelabel synchronization finished [667 records received, 667 imported]

08:53:26 chat authorized as ‘hamhock.evans-icloud’ on

08:53:27 ‘501141’: authorized on Larson-Real

08:53:27 ‘501141’: previous successful authorization performed from on 2018.11.16 19:29:16

08:53:27 logo base: 20 logos deleted

08:53:27 ‘501141’: terminal synchronized with Larson and Holz IT Ltd

08:53:27 ‘501141’: trading has been enabled – netting mode

08:53:31 time synchronization from [diff: -0.079 sec(s)]

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Someone really needs to prove me wrong!!

We are being lied to about everything!! Show me a real picture of earth. Why did NASA do this…

I’m embarrassed to say that the Flat Earth model, the fake space hypocrisy, the sun and moon are MUCH MUCH CLOSER than we have been taught. NO ONE EVER ASKS THE RIGHT QUESTIONS? We are so technically advanced but no clear video or pics of anything science says is real? Why is everything CGI? I’m embarrassed to say WE ARE SLAVES. THE TRUTH MUST BE SO DANGEROUS, but it’s slowly leaking. Please check out ODD TV or Jeranism for more info to look into yourself.

I’m going to mirror a bunch of the most thought provoking YouTube videos on my site (2gether 2 T.hink O.utside T.he Box) comment if you can debunk ANY OF THIS..

as always


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Small goals and humility.

Ok everyone, meet my new mistress.. She loves the cowboys and has a pretty QUICK wit. I’m very thankful. Quietly reached one of my little goals while staying humble and keeping a smile on my face. @rob_the_ceo #bobdangit #rob_the_ceo #yearofamillionsmiles!!

It helps to have a sidekick who is always encouraging and makes it damn near impossible not to keep a smile on your face!! Thankful for BABY ORLY!! Oh and the two gorgeous daughters, the ever supportive EX And the rest of my friends and family who keep my spirits up.. still have a long way to go…

as always..


Lots of love…

Rob_the _ceo or Bobdangit!!

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MOBILE INVESTING-The skinny on WeBull!!

Ok, hello and welcome to THE NEWEST AMATEUR INVESTING BLOG! If you like this content, I will be offering an exciting offer soon. I will let you give me money for pretending like I know what the markets will do! WAIT!! Theres more!! …..

I’m just kidding, I love to help people and this is actually fun for me! In case you don’t know me I’m #Rob_the_ceo, or #Bobdangit, whichever you prefer. I have started a small portfolio and am trying some of the most popular mobile investing platforms available for iOS and Android! I love sharing information and am really hoping this will help to avoid difficulties or problems for folks by letting me experience them first. Please visit for other posts and to find out a little about me.


This app is GREAT!! The charting is UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME for all you swing traders out there. This app is also only a mobile platform ( I wasn’t able to download a version to my windows pc or log on with my laptop). They offer a free stock for joining and buying and selling is incredibly EASY! Here are a few screenshots of some charts.

As you can tell, several key indicators are available (MAC-D, RSI, BOLLINGER ECT). The app is free to download, trades are free and there is no subscription fee. They do charge small fees for access to the advanced charting, level 2 and other markets. NO CRYPTO TRADING HERE!! They do offer international market availability and options trading as well.

Opening the account is easy, security is there with options for Two-factor and Authenticator app protection. Simply fill out the simpl account link your BANK account and after the standard 3 day ACH transfer time. You are ready!!

I don’t have very much money in this app (less than $100) so I wasn’t offered any type of margin and can only invest what I have available in my account. I like this as it prevents emotional deposits and boredom investing.

Want to take part in the Dynamic world of stocks right from your cell phone? Best charts/news/analysis available. Buy sell trade options, all from your device. Also get a free stock worth up to $1000 just for signing up. COMMISSION FREE TRADES FOREVER!! #Webull

They have the pattern day trade restrictions so you are limited to how many trades you can make per week (3 buy and sells of same stock or option within the same day). As I am a small investor I have been using this with small cap stocks and for the charting!!

They also offer PAPER TRADING for those who want to get their feet wet without actually burning up real money! Very freakin cool of them as the execution of trades is lightning fast and you will definitely feel as though your rubbing elbows with Wolves of Wall Street and the Gordon Gecko’s of the world.

I am using this on iOS 11.4 from an iPhone 7+, I have no problems with glitches or app failures AT ALL. I’ve been using this for over 30 days and check on my little positions frequently throughout the day. Market/limit buys and sells along with a plethora alerts are available so you will not miss a beat during your busy day!

I love this app! All my trades have been executed at my price point. You can access Financials/Expert analysis/News all from inside the app. This is a full functioning complete mobile investing app for the basic and advanced equities investor. I GIVE IT A STRONG RECOMMENDATION!! If you want your free stock. Please use this exclusive link and start trading ASAP!!


That being said, I highly recommended everyone to invest their spare change and to participate in our (or other)!or other countries dynamic economic systems! It can be a fun and adrenaline pumping experience! WAY BETTER THAN ANY LOTTERY!

As always..


Please share this, leave a like and a comment..I would love to hear from you and am always looking for opportunities! Have a blessed day.