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Two Documentaries that will change EVERYTHING!!

Hello, I hope your doing well. I am big into alternative explanations into human origins and history. I have watched 1000’s of hours of YouTube videos, most are clearly skewed to the very fringes of science, others are just science fiction. When I come across some that entrenched in peer reviewed science and reach INCREDIBLE CONCLUSIONS, I save them. These two are a few of the very best that I’ve seen. They are both long and detailed.


Please debunk this!! The lies are being revealed! (YouTube documentary)

MILLIONS? Billions of years old? This proves that age estimations are GREATLY EXAGGERATED!! The ramifications are staggering. Please like and comment. I would love to hear what you have to say, good or bad.

I just would like to know why they would teach us nothing but LIES AND FANTASY? (YouTube documentary)

I DO NOT EXPECT THESE TO CHANGE YOUR MIND. THEY SHOULD RAISE QUESTIONS IN YOUR MIND. If they do, please do your own research. Try to find other sources. These concepts have been troubling me for years! It’s mind boggling how deep the deception is, how widespread it is. and how long until the truth is revealed and will humanity survive the uprising?

Something is coming, something that will forever change the lives of every human being. Are you ready?


We are told frequently that those who dare 2 Think Outside The Box, often accomplish much more than many deemed possible. My dream is that free thinkers and innovators may see something on this site that will inspire greatness.

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