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47 and Blessed

Hello everyone!! I just wanted to post a little something to say how very thankful I am for all of you. This might make you laugh but I feel so proud that in the short 3 weeks since I’ve started this blog. My readers have totaled 174!! That’s amazing! So thank you!

If you haven’t guessed by now. I was born 47 years ago today to a beautiful woman who was born in Korea and a great man who was born in Sydney, Australia. Luckily, I still have both of them.

I’m not going to say too much, other than there is A LOT to come. Tonight is for me m to celebrate the many blessings that have been bestowed upon me. Although materially, I do not have much but to be honest, I have shed most of that to start fresh. I have a great support system, an open mind and a relentless work ethic.

Here are a few photos. I know I am not the best looking or most interesting person but I am determined to chronicle this journey. Thank you all again for joining me. So, BOBDANGIT!! Let’s PARTY!! Please have a blessed weekend and I will share with you guys on Monday the disaster that has become my stock portfolio!! Lol, definitely A LOT OF GROWING TO DONE IN THAT DEPARTMENT!!

Intimate..with those whom I love the most


We are told frequently that those who dare 2 Think Outside The Box, often accomplish much more than many deemed possible. My dream is that free thinkers and innovators may see something on this site that will inspire greatness.

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