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Vulcan Calling: “Are you ready to come back to work?”

I have shared the fact that I am an injured worker. I herniated 2 discs in my neck, tore my right rotator cuff up pretty nicely and suffered nerve damage that left me without feeling in three fingers on my right hand and considerable pain in my shoulder/neck area. After two and half years of being denied every procedure (to permanently fix the problem), paying $18,000 to a lawyer who did NOTHING for me, and becoming quite fond of opioid pain meds, I gave up on trying to fix my body. I am just a number to The Division of Workers Comp, the insurance company, the doctors who treated me and #VulcanMaterials.

I loved what I did for a living. I mean cutting METAL WITH FIRE!! What’s more manly than that? It devastated me that I could not work and given how I was treated following my injury by the management at the Stone Quarry, I had come to grips that my employment would end with my injury. To be honest, they may just be asking me back so they can terminate me without fear of any type of lawsuit. While I have been waiting for the powers that be to decide my professional future. I suffered, badly.

It was the suffering that forced me to work on my mental health, which was at a lifetime low, I was tired of it and in desperate need of attention. The split from my Ex had dealt a devastating blow and that was compounded heavily by my injury and dramatic cut in pay. My mustang was repossessed and I was evicted from an apartment. Something needed to change.

I decided education would be what I would self medicate my brain with. School has been a great boost to nearly all facets of my life. I will finish. I had enrolled in 18 hours and had my schedule and financial aid all figured out. Then my former employer Vulcan Materials called, “So, are you ready to come back to work?”

What should I do? I desperately want to finish and get my degree, but I need an income, car and place of my own. The answer is simple..

I WILL DO BOTH!! Nothing is free and good things come to those who work hard for them!! I am a hard worker, lifelong learner and student of life. I CAN AND WILL DO THIS!!

It will be tough but I know with the help and support of my family and few friends, the small sacrifices of time and pleasure will pay big dividends! Thanks for listening. Much more to come.


We are told frequently that those who dare 2 Think Outside The Box, often accomplish much more than many deemed possible. My dream is that free thinkers and innovators may see something on this site that will inspire greatness.

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