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Student Financial Aid-helping to Achieve the Dream

I am a 46 year old man returning to college. This decision was a simple one for me to make. I was injured at work, treated poorly by my former employer and never received any treatment to actually fix my injury. I always wanted to return to college, but when you have an income that is just sufficient enough to care for yourself and your children it is often enough to put you out of reach for financial. Luckily, the injury put me under that threshold and I dove into the learning envirnment with both feet.

The Alamo Community College District (ACCD) made the whole application, enrollment, admissions and financial aid process very easy. On top of that they, they will test you to ensure that you begin right where you should according to your strengths and weaknesses. I am very glad I made this decision.

Don’t get me wrong, I was intimidated, nervous and dare I say scared. However, from my first class in over 25 years (English 1301 with the WHITE MAMBA Professor Anthony Montalbano) I have been treated with respect and courteousness. Everyone at this school wants everyone to be successful and to succeed. From study groups, tutoring, online resources and one-on-one attention from professors, if you have an attitude of achievement they will help you get there.

This is for any and all of you, younger or wiser, don’d put off getting that education you need to improve your current work status or to start on the path to something new. If you truly want it, there are resources available. Please don’t hesitate, you never know what you might find in a learning enviornment. I’m enclosing a picture of my aid package so that you can get an idea of how much is available to assist a student in need. Financial aid is there to help all achieve the dream, and I am thankful for it. Thanks again for joining me and sorry if this sounds like a commercial, it’s not, I just really want to offer some information to those who might need that extra push to get them out there to be successful forward thinking individuals. The world needs many many more of us. Have a great day/evening.



We are told frequently that those who dare 2 Think Outside The Box, often accomplish much more than many deemed possible. My dream is that free thinkers and innovators may see something on this site that will inspire greatness. And if not feel free to leave a suggestion question or comment, I’m the king of random and never finishing anything. I also love criticism..

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